Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization

Social media, mobile devices, and changing customer behaviors are reshaping the way Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is done. In the past, getting to the top of search results was enough to achieve business objectives. But today, citizens of the World Wide Web have become savvier. They don’t just click and buy the first thing that pops up in Google’s search results. While visibility is still of utmost importance, it’s no longer the end-game of SEO.

First-Rate SEO Service in Hong Kong

OMS has been constantly tracking and probing user behavior in relation to SEO. Helping you gain visibility and conversion is where we come in. This is how we do it. First, we work on creating a savvy website tailored to your industry and target audience. The layout, functionality, copywriting, and all aspects of web design are designed to deliver an advocacy-winning brand message.

Next, we utilise our expertise and experience to get you to the top of search engine results. It could take weeks, months, or even a year to rank on searches, depending on the competition level and complexity of your SEO objectives. But we always make it to the pedestal of search engine results.

Expert Social Media Marketing

We can promote your brand through our various on-page, off-page, and social media engagements. We believe the customer advocacy is key to sustaining a strong business. By building on the momentum of your SEO and social media success, we can create a long-lasting partnership and continuously achieve your online business goals.

The Finest in SEO Marketing

We are a team of thinkers, discoverers, and doers. Our core is based in Hong Kong, with a talent pool strategically distributed across Asia-Pacific. We have a team in Australia, the Philippines, Dubai, and India. We specialize in helping local businesses establish their digital presence to attract more clients and, consequently, higher revenues. We also have extensive experience working with e-commerce sites and digital businesses.

Occasionally, we complete one-off projects but most of our clientele come from repeat clients. That’s because we are experts at building strong business relationships. Get to know us more over coffee. We’ll be happy to share our portfolio and discuss with you how we can help in moving your business forward.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Business

SEO is highly dynamic. Even big brands see their search rankings fluctuate from time to time. That’s why we keep up with web development updates and stay ahead of algorithm changes to help our clients stay at top position. After all, we don’t just aim to stay afloat–we strive to sail forward.

To help businesses stay a strong online presence, we only implement organic and ethical strategies. Going the longer but organic route assures us that we won’t be penalised by search engines. Consistency is another key to a sustainable ranking, that’s why we recommend a consistent SEO campaign. This means we encourage production of original content on a regular basis for search indexing and audience engagement.

We make SEO affordable for clients we have built strong partnerships with by offering monthly maintenance packages. We’ll assign a portion of our talent pool to maintain your website and ensure a consistently strong online presence.

Translating Nerd Talk to Business Talk

We’ll free you of all the nerd talk by taking care of all the technical stuff for you. Just give us a call or leave an e-mail. Our contact details are:
852.8125.7277 or 852.8199.0671